December 20, 2019

If you are anything like me and you are used to taking responsibility for EVERYTHING, you are a bit of a perfectionist and have VERY high standards…. then it’s likely that you have a tendency to see yourself as being responsible for everything that’s happening in your life. ⠀

This quality has both a light and a dark side (like everything). ⠀

The light side is that if you know you are 100% responsible for your life, you are empowered to create whatever you want out of this life. And I’m talking from experience. I did craft a masterpiece of a life for ​myself precisely due to this attitude. ⠀

On the dark side though… this attitude may create terrible self blame. ⠀

Even if your darkest fears turn out to be true, you don’t need to hold onto self loathing.
The most important person to forgive is yourself. ⠀
You don’t need to prove yourself. ⠀
You need to offer yourself unconditional love. ⠀
Unconditional means without conditions. Meaning that even if you did mess up, it is fine to feel the pain and grief of that. And… we must learn to accept the truth that WE ARE HUMAN. ⠀

And making mistakes is part of the game we signed up for. Because guess what, those “mistakes” are all windows to higher truth. Because it is through “mistakes”, through continuous trials that we evolve. ⠀

Often we don’t forgive ourselves because we think that we’ll do the same stuff to ourselves again. But this is just the little ego trying to be in control. Shaming ourselves produces more shame. ⠀

So are you going to hold on and remain bitter all your life, or are you willing to let go and forgive yourself, now, once and for all?⠀

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