March 20, 2017

What is sex?
A friction in the genitals? Some kissing, a bit of play, touch and rush to a finish line?

Or the most incredible thing two human beings can experience as their souls merge?
In sex
I open up to a degree I can never open in any other circumstance.

I shed my skin, I am beyond vulnerable, I become transparent.
And I allow that with full willingness.

In that I can be destroyed.
Or I can be saved eternally…
Either way, this is how I meet God.

Through your sweat, through your lips, through your eyes, through your smell, through your hips, through your love…
I meet my Self.

Through your penetrating presence I allow God to penetrate myself in all the secret places.

Through my desire for you I drop deeper… into the very first desire of a human being – the desire to be one with God.

By adoring your lingam I adore the shiva lingam which is the embodiment of light, which is light itself, and this is all I can really see.

By feeling the yearning of my yoni I feel the alluring power that attracts the bees to the flowers, that draws the atoms together, that calls for pure presence – for Shiva to merge with the manifest reality – Shakti.

I see nothing but you, Beloved.

I love loving your soul, I love losing myself in you, I love finding my Self through you.

In making love I merge with all.

And this is the greatest ecstasy there is.

Through my erotic pleasure I expand beyond the galaxy. Where even desire is no longer. Because there is nothing to desire for once you are one with all.

What is sex?
Sex is a path to God.

Art by @tinamariaelena

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