June 2, 2022

So I made the fact that I own a 7 figure business very public: I added this info to my bio. ⚡️🤯

Is it because I want to show off my wealth?
Is it because I think it’s the money that makes me respectable?
Is it because this number gives me a sense of self worth?

Hmm… no.

But being concerned that it may come across that way was the reason why it took 6 months to actually do that!

Funny enough, the day I changed my bio my account got hacked.

I had to think: Did I get hacked because of that? Now that people see that I am wealthy, will they try to rip me off? (hello, collective subconscious!).

Hmmm… there’s no part of me that agrees with that.
So I reframed it… and got my account back, for free 🙂

✨I added this info there because my business crossing a million in revenue is a direct outcome of how much I care. How seriously I take what I do. How certain I am that my work is changing the world, and fast. It is the proof that it is possible to be a spiritual person, to be a kind and compassionate person and be wildly wealthy. It is possible for a business that’s built on the core value of integrity and in service to Love reach 7 figures.

Currently this puts me in the 2% of female entrepreneurs. 90% don’t even make 6 figures.

By owning that this is possible, I normalise this. I normalise extraordinary wealth in hands of good people who get here not through selling their souls but by living from their souls. ♛

I understand that this may make some people feel uncomfortable…
If you tend to shrink when others shine… you’ve got things to look at.

And… if you open your heart and receive this invitation to take up space and shine together… you are most welcome!

Let’s come ALIVE together!

Let’s prove the impossible possible!

Let’s show up for the paradigm we believe in in our hearts!

Yes, this is meant to make some people very uncomfortable.

And… we can hold people in their discomfort.

Because we can hold ourselves. 👑

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