April 15, 2016

Love… is not the thing that happens after 3 months or 2 years of being together.
Love… is not something that depends on what we do.
Love… is not meant to fit into any kind of condition or shape.

If we dare to look deep enough, we see that love… is at the basis of everything.

Who are you to think that love belongs to you and you have to doze it?

Love simply is.

And either you let it flow through you or you suppress it.

The state of love is the most natural thing.

Love is the glue that holds together this manifestation.

And it is possible to be always in love.
Yes, it makes you very open. And no, it is not scary.

Why are you holding back? What are you scared of?

I will tell you.

You are not scared to open up too much and get hurt.

You are terrified to see your own magnificence.

I will repeat:

You are terrified to see your own magnificence.

Deep down you know that if you dare to open up and love without any reason, condition or expectation… your life will be transformed. And there is no turning back. You will get to know the endless beauty of Yours. The infinite beauty of Life. The unspeakable beauty of God.

Once you fall in love with the divine in you and in every other human being…  There is no turning back.

I tell people very often that I love them. Most of them get intimidated by it: “What for? I didn’t do anything for you… but you don’t really know me, how can you love me?..”

When I say “I love you”… I mean it.

I feel it in every cell of my being.

And the more I love the bigger my capacity to love becomes.

Maybe all this doesn’t make sense to most of you who are reading these lines. Maybe hundreds of people have already unfollowed me, because they think I’m crazy.

Yet… There is no force that will make me hold back.

And if there is only one person in the world who feels these words in their heart… that’s a big enough reason for me to keep sharing my heart and my truth.
And I’m very happy to be crazy if that’s what it takes to be madly in love with this life.


Photo by Alissa Christine

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