September 15, 2020

When you are involved with a person who doesn’t match your frequency (read: cannot let go of the karmic relationship that has fulfilled its purpose) you spiral down, away from a natural sense of who you are. ⠀

It can sometimes take months or even years to get back on track again and feel in alignment with the River of your life or your Highest Destiny.⠀

When you are with someone who cannot truly see you, you may appear distorted to yourself for some time, even after the separation. ⠀
This happens because you’ve been looking too long into a mirror that couldn’t give you a correct reflection. ⠀
You started to believe that you were what the other person saw. ⠀

It may take some time to remove that cloak.⠀

What will support you in that is returning to your energetic integrity. ⠀

How to do it?⠀

By doing deep energetic work on yourself.⠀

Release that which makes you hide your true Greatness, cultivate your honest inner work, and become so clear within yourself that you VIBRATE with the frequency that you want to attract in your relationship and your life as a whole.⠀

When your frequency vibrates on the level that is authentic to who you know yourself to be, then you attract exactly that on the outside.⠀

There’s no random stuff in your life. Nothing is an accident. ⠀

Your inner state determines the choices that you make and the people that you attract.⠀

So if you focus on your Supreme Destiny, and choose to move on the path of supreme alignment, choose expansion, greater and greater internal freedom – your life will be powerful beyond measure, easeful and full of grace.

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