May 11, 2015

Let me warn you: it’s gonna get wet and juicy today.
Yet there is nothing to fear. On the contrary female ejaculation is an incredibly empowering experience for a woman. And if you have never experienced it, I have great news – you can learn.
In fact, anyone can learn to squirt.

What is female ejaculation?

Sometimes it is referred to as squirting or gushing. In tantra it is referred to as kalas, which indicates the esoteric nature of this phenomena and it’s connection with the cycles of the Moon. My favourite one is a beautiful word for it amrita, which means divine nectar.
Are you getting the feel of it?

Where does it come from?

It may come from 3 different places:

  • From the urethra
  • From vaginal walls
  • Directly from the uterus – through the cervix

Another way Amrita comes: Without any stimulation whatsoever. This is next level magic. An activated yoni may produce amrita just like that. It may happen together with an energetic opening through emotional release, meditation or just watching a beautiful sunset.

What happens on the physiological level?

Female ejaculation is a physiological phenomenon usually associated with orgasm that is not under voluntary control and is completely different from urination. It is associated with the release of what in a man are called prostatic enzymes, such as PSA.
It comes out from the same hole as urine does, that’s why some people assume it’s pee. (Yeah, right.)

It’s so not pee.

Here’s a study that proves it.
First of all, the smell is different. Female ejaculation smells wonderfully. It tastes really good too.
The amounts of the liquid vary from woman to woman and from day to day. I know from my own experience – sometimes I will trickle a few drops, and other times – the amount can be quite significant.
I personally know women who can soak the entire bed – that’s how much they squirt.
These large amounts are truly amazing. And doctors won’t give you an explanation to why it happens.
Medicine accepts that some liquid can come out from the Skene’s gland, that’s what female ejaculation is for them. But the abundant fluids cannot be explained by conventional medicine.
Here is a hint.
Female ejaculation is a mystical experience.
It is directly related with your connection with the cycles of the Moon.
If you pay attention you will notice that on some days of the month squirting is easier than on others.
Tantra says that the ability to produce kalas is a woman’s step into paranormal powers. It is the physical manifestation of sexual energy.
How cool is that?

And you can do that too.

The liquid is very precious. It has lots of healing properties, the results of which I have witnessed many times. Tantric people try not to waste a drop of it, they will drink it, rub it on the skin. It feels and tastes beautifully.

Ok, Sofia, you sold it. How do I get there?

First of all, you need to be very relaxed and very aroused. Do everything you can to empty your mind.
A great skill that we learn with the jade egg practice – is pushing out with the vaginal muscles. This skill is really handy when it comes to female ejaculation. It’s great to train these muscles.
Most commonly the amrita results from prolonged and firm stimulation of the urethral sponge, around the area of A and G spots. The G-spot is located about 6-10 cm inside the vagina on the frontal wall (see the image on the right for the reference). The A-spot is located a little higher, just in front of the cervix, also on the frontal wall. (Frontal wall is the side of your pubic bone, back wall – the side of you anus.)
The stimulation has to be rhythmical and thrusting. If you are taking yourself there – it’s great to use toys designed for G-spot stimulation. Or if you have a wonderful partner or a friend who is happy to assist you in this special experience – fingers do a better job than cock.
And don’t put pressure on yourself or your partner for this – have fun with it, keep practicing and one day the fountain of immortality will show it’s essence to you through your own pussy.

What’s stopping you?

Probably your mind.

  • You might think to yourself: “I cannot possibly do this, what will my partner think of me?”

Many women think this way, not knowing that they are pushing away an experience that cannot be compared to anything else, an experience that can unlock something deep within them.
I hope that once you have read about the nature of this precious liquid, you will change your mind. And please do educate your partner about it.

  • You might also think: “Imagine all the mess that I will create, what if I spoil the bed?”

Actually I know a couple who bought a rubber boat for this purpose.
You don’t need a rubber boat, but you can get creative: use a towel under your pelvis, puddle proof pads, or consider doing it in the bathtub. It can be fun!
You might have other fears and thoughts, but the important thing here is: these thoughts are your inner saboteur, it is your resistance – a part of you that wants to stay small and doesn’t want to experience deep pleasure because it knows – you won’t be the same person after that.
Do everything you can to make it comfortable for your mind, but then if things are not going the way you planned, let it go, don’t react to the provocations of your mind.
You might be surprised, but sometimes female ejaculation can happen independently of an orgasm. More than that – it can happen as a release even though the sensations you are having are not pleasurable at all! I know it because this is what happened to me once.
My very first ejaculation experience was not pleasurable at all. It was when I had just started working on my sexuality and I was quite disconnected from the sense of pleasure in my body. I had to resurrect my yoni and went through quite a lot of healing. And one time I was receiving a tantric yoni massage and it was deadly painful, and suddenly the therapist that I was working with tells me: “Oh great you are having kalas!” I remember being so surprised, because I thought that kalas only comes with immense pleasure.
Normally it does, but there are exceptions.
Because to get to these really blissful out-of-your-mind expanded states of orgasm we have to release stuck energy and pain.
I hope that you are inspired and you will tap into this mystical aspect of yours!
And before you go, I am curious Have you ever had an experience of female ejaculation? How was it? What tips can you give other women to get there?

If you would like to learn how to activate your yoni so amrita becomes totally natural for you (besides a ton of other benefits), you are welcome to join my updated and revised online course Activated Woman. Join this week to benefit from the special launch discount.
Header image credit: Thomas Saliot

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