January 28, 2022

This year marks the 10th anniversary of my career as a mentor and facilitator of transformational events.💫I’ve been training specifically Leaders since 2019.

I believe that if we want our work to make a Big difference on the planet we need to touch Leaders – people who have a capacity to take radical self-responsibility and hold big Power.

We live during a pivotal time in the history of humankind. Never before have the forces of both Light and Dark been so strong. These are the times when bright people must step into their full power.

We must because in these times each Voice is instrumental in supporting the direction the humankind will take.

NOW is the time for bright Leaders, rooted in integrity and the ways of Love to rise. Because if we truly want to see a big change on our Planet, we have to show up for it TOGETHER.

Leaders don’t expect you to make them feel that they are powerful.
They choose to take their power.

Leaders don’t need you to make them feel that they belong.
They choose to own their space.

Leaders don’t sit around and wait for the Universe to provide for them.
They choose to be the Universe and create the Life of their dreams.

If you want to be a teacher of teachers and lead Leaders…

You need to be a match for people of power.

≜ How to be a match for people of power? ≜

Behave the way you expect people of power to behave:

👑 Commit:

To yourself
To your growth
To the reason of your incarnation
To making your Life matter
To making a difference

Commitment to growth means investing your time, energy and finances in the greatest asset you will ever have – yourself.


In Service to Love Training begins tomorrow!

This Training is jam-packed with wisdom and practices that will invite you to truly blossom into your own Unique Calling and find the most aligned way to bring it forward.

Regardless of whether you’ve been on the path of leadership for a while or just getting started, if you feel a clear YES to this – you can still join us!

It will be next level. ⚡️

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