September 22, 2021

Activate yourself from within
Step into your brilliance
Remember: you came here for a Reason

Make money
Use it to deeply nourish yourself, so that you have even more to give
Use it to make a difference
Use it to support people who have no food and fundamental safety
Use it to give job opportunities to brilliant people

Look within, educate and empower yourself
So your very being speaks for you
Remember that you only reach people who are ready to be touched by you

Touch people’s hearts
Show yourself just as you are so people can relate to you and trust you

Don’t take neither praise nor criticism too personally
Be grateful for feedback and choose which one you take to heart

Find your thread
Stay true to it
Even when NOBODY believes in you

Impact those who can make a change
Those who incarnated as warriors of light

Make more money
Build temples for humanity
Make an impact
Share your brilliance
Give all you’ve got

So that when you are on your deathbed, just before you take you last breath you can close your eyes and feel that…

You have let yourself be bigger than your fears, expectations and hopes
You have given all of you
You have touched hearts
Your Life made a difference

You have LIVED

And you have left a legacy of love.

Then you will close your eyes and know that you are only just getting started
Because time and space are not as linear as we think
Because you and I are not as separate as it seems

And it’s never too late to wake up.

In Service to Love – my new Training is created as a container for that. Come take a look if it feels aligned for you!

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